Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup where individual hair strokes are drawn on the brow area with a hand-held tool and pigment matching your own brow hair to create the look of a perfect natural eyebrow shape. Unlike a tattoo, it only lasts up to 18 months and the pigment will gradually fade over time.

It’s perfect for women (even men!) who have light colored or sparse eyebrows naturally or even from years of over tweezing. The proper proportions for the perfect brow are measured and specifically tailored to your individual face and features before beginning the process. Any changes to the shape are agreed upon before any strokes are placed on your face.

Imagine not having to fill in your eyebrows every single day! It’s becoming very popular because:

  1. It looks better and more natural versus filling in eyebrows with makeup
  2. It eliminates the need to spend 10 minutes per day drawing them on
  3. Your eyebrows won’t wash off when you go swimming, take a shower, or sweat at the gym. As an added bonus, you’ll be ready to just roll out of bed in the morning!

Sometimes a shading blade (also called stippling) is used in combination with individual microbladed hair strokes. This can help create density in eyebrows that have very little real brow hair or have thick brow hair but do not have the ideal shape.


Although microblading is wonderful in so many ways, it’s not right for everyone. There are a number of medical conditions, medicine contraindications (reasons why treatment cannot be done), and other reasons that either temporarily or completely prohibits this service from being done for your safety as well as the technician’s.

We will also go over various lifestyle questions (are you a sun worshipper or go swimming frequently?) Microblading pigment will fade faster than in those clients who only very rarely or moderately do these activities. This won’t prevent you from having the perfect microbladed brows, but it may be possible you'll require more frequent touch-ups.

Are you willing to adhere to strict aftercare for the weeks after your treatment? During healing, there is to be zero swimming, hot tubbing, hot showers, or workouts (for 7-10 days). Your eyebrows will go through a process of looking too dark and sharp at first, then move into slight scabbing, at this point some strokes may look very light or look to disappear after this, only to reappear in the weeks after. The final result is seen at 4-6 weeks after initial treatment. It is only at this point we can re-assess and determine if a minor refreshing session is necessary between weeks 4-10. If you are a client who does need this, the session is a lot shorter and we will only be going over strokes that need darkening or will be adding hair strokes if it’s decided you want a thicker or slightly different shape. Again, following aftercare is absolutely mandatory for highest pigment retention and for the safety of your beautiful face.

A complete online consultation via email or in-person consultation to go over your history and current situation will be done prior to your appointment to ensure microblading is right for you. If you're the nervous type, we can draw the shape on during our consultation so you can get a good idea of what your new brows will look like, before you book your appointment.

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