Immediately After:

Healing balm will be applied after your treatment is done. A very gentle face wash should be used morning and night but other than that avoid getting brows wet for up to 14 days while they heal.

  • Avoid working out for 7-14 days
  • If brows get wet during the healing process pat them dry but do not rub
  • If eyebrows scab or become dry do not scratch or rub. Just tap them to release the itch and let skin fall off naturally
  • Avoid sauna, steam rooms, sun beds, sun exposure, and hot yoga during the healing process
  • Avoid daily skincare products and makeup directly on the eyebrows during healing process
  • Avoid chemical peels until healing is completed
  • Avoid any kind of moisturizer, oil, or Vaseline on or near brows for two weeks
  • Apply a very small amount of healing balm 2-3x a day (unless skin is very oily then you will not need to use balm)
  • Schedule your perfecting session for 4-6 weeks after your first session, but no later than 10 weeks after

It is very important to adhere to each of these protocols so your investment will last as long as possible. These are general guidelines for aftercare. Complete aftercare instructions will be given to each client following their Microblading procedure.

Once Healed:

The complete healing process takes 6-8 weeks, and only after that you will see the true color. Color typically softens by 30% once brows heal. Be patient! At the second perfecting session we can darken or add strokes if necessary.  Must keep exposure to the sun, glycolic peels, Retin-A, and exfoliation away from the brow area to ensure pigment will not lighten too quickly. Having laser resurfacing or laser hair removal could lighten, darken, or discolor tattooed area.


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